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Our offer

Our agency offers the attentive services of a boutique firm
while providing the capabilities, staffing, and financial stability of a national agency.

C Squared Group is a multi-discipline media and supply entity with a particular focus on a more client-centric, with a tailor made service provision and solutions. As a media establishment, the entity has acquired a wealth of experience and industry traits which has granted us established long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

The Group’s performance standards have been set high, which demands constants review and enables the company to achieve our client’s objectives in the midst of day-to-day pressures, relentless deadlines and constantly shifting circumstances.

C-2 Live Audio Division

• Digitally-controlled solutions which form the backbone of our extensive range of D&B sound systems;
• A variety of audio consoles to suit all your needs, consisting of Yamaha CL series, Midas Pro Series and Digico SD series;
• An extensive range of microphones and wireless systems of the highest quality from Senisser, Shure, Audio Thecnica, and AKG to ensure the best input for the ultimate mixing experience;
• A choice of backline options, including a collection of Yamaha TC Electronics, Fender, Vox, DW, Roland, SWR, and Korg brands.

C-2 Live Lighting Division

• Digital solutions to ensure a seamless production through the use of either Grand MA, Tiger Touch, or ETC Lighting Console surfaces;
• Variety of lighting fixtures, including Robe, Martin, Avolights, and ETC, amongst others;
• An extensive range of Quad and Triangular trussing, providing a platform for creative and safe rigging necessary for all lighting designs.

Our design approach

Our point of origin begins from providing you with a unique concept, print design and interactive media through to project management of large-scale events.
We don’t design brochures; we craft communication that delivers the message accurately, creatively and elegantly.

We don’t design websites; we build sites to suit your special requirements. That also goes for multimedia shows, corporate videos and presentations.
We offer dependable solutions to your problems. Beginning with a simple concept or a complex one we analyze, synthesize, develop and question it (will it be understood, exposed and appreciated?).

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